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Eigenlight In line Variable Optical Attenuator patchcord


The variable Attenuator Patch Cord provides a compact and simple means for manually adjusting optical signals in fiber optic systems and test sets. When mated to a standard connector, the variable attenuator connector causes the optical signal to become attenuated by creating a variable air gap between the connector ferrules. Attenuation is adjusted by means of a self-locking screw mechanism. 

It is designed to as ideal complement to the S500 power monitor series for power equalization applications that require instant low loss power monitor feedback.

Eigenlight In line Variable Optical Attenuator patchcord - Key Features

  • FC/APC connectors

  • 0.5 to 35dB Range of Attenuation 

  • >50dB Return loss

  • +20dBm Maximum Optical Input Power

  • 1300 - 1620nm Wavelength range

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