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High Performance Automatic Bias Controller supporting IQ-Modulators

ABC web res


Mach Zehnder structures enable efficient modulation of electrical data signals onto optical carriers but require accurate control of the phase delay set point (DC BIAS) to achieve optimal results. DC BIAS voltages typically drift over time and temperature so that continuous optimization during operation is required.

For Dual Polarization IQ transmitters, this task becomes particularly tedious since nested structures of 6 Mach-Zehnders are required to modulate a single output carrier. Therefore, adjusting 6 interdependent DC BIAS voltages based on a single feedback signal requires a lot of experience and knowledge.

The ID Photonics Automatic Bias Controller (ABC) is designed to automatically find and lock the operating point of Mach-Zehnder modulators to ensure stable optimal performance over time and environmental conditions by a click of a button. By using our controller, you have one thing less to worry about so that you can focus on generating optimal results instead wasting time to tweak BIAS voltages.


One single device supports a large variety of such as single and dual polarization Intensity Modulators as well as IQ Modulators. Simply configure the type of structure in the provided GUI and you are all set!

Supported Mach-Zehnder Configurations by Automated BIAS Control

Supported Configurations by Automated BIAS Control

Our versatile unit supports a wide variety of Mach-Zehnder structures from single polarization Intensity Modulators to polarization multiplexed IQ Modulators by simple user reconfiguration in software using the same hardware. Therefore, your investment is protected even for future upgrades are changes in your setup.

 For IQ modulators, this unique design provides a stable tracking of optimal operating point for arbitrary RF input signals such as QPSK, QAM-xx or Nyquist shaped signals without requiring manual tweaking of parameters. This enables stable operation especially when switching between modulation formats.

Key Features

  • Modulation Format and RF amplitude independant
  • Software configurable support of single & dual-pol IQ or Intensity Mach Zehnder Modulators
  • A zero noise feature allows achieving optimal and repeatable performance
  • Compatible with OIF Standard IQ Modulators
  • No external Tap Photodiode required
  • Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface
  • USB, Ethernet & UART interface for remote control
  • SCPI Style remote control command set, LabView® drivers supplied

An installation free Web-GUI is provided for instant access and a SCPI style command set provides extensive control status information and configurations such as locking status.


 Data Sheet Automatic BIAS Control



Please inquire with us for more details