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Introducing Our Reference Coherent Optical Receiver CORX


IQ Multi-Format Transmitter


The  Coherent Optical Receiver (CORX) is a turnkey ready instrument designed to interface with any real-time oscilloscope by providing 4 single-ended outputs. It allows the coherent detection of polarization multiplexed optical signals in C-Band by means of mixing the test signal with a local oscillator laser.

It is available in 60GHz, 40GHz and 20GHz bandwidth variants to meet the requirements of your application and budget. The 60GHz model enhances your research to enable the reception of Terabit Class Signals and baud rates up 128 GBaud/s.

The the fully integrated coherent optical receiver instrument mixes optical signals with a local oscillator signal and a polarization diverse detector setup with 4 output channels. This device provides excellent quality and matched channels optimized for analysis of dual polarization multi-level transmission formats at very high symbol rates. It is suitable as a reference receiver setup for transmitter characterization and analysis of IQ modulated optical signals in C-Band.

The unit comprises trans-impedance amplifiers to allow real-time Oscilloscopes or A-D connection even for low power signals. Per-channel variable RF gain and peaking adjustments allows to adapt and compensate for imperfections of the RF chain.

A built-in tunable laser operates as a local oscillator for coherent mixing of the signal.

The unit is controlled via a built-in Webserver eliminating the need for software installation on a remote PC and enabling any handheld device to access the unit via browser.

A SCPI based programming API allows straightforward implementation of automated test scripting and remote control.

Block Diagram


 Web Interface

 CORX RX Control

Typical Application and Reference Results

Obtained in collaboration with our partner Fraunhofer HHI


Key Features

  • Integrated Tunable Laser
  • Integrated Trans-Impedance Amplifiers
    • Enhances low-power Signals
    • Per-Channel gain control
  • Per-channel Peak Indicators for hassle-free gain tweaking
  • Single ended 1.85mm RF Ports for easy-to-use Interfacing
  • Installation free control software via Browser
  • Remote control via SCPI using USB and Ethernet
  • 1HE, 19-inch rack-mount compatible with optional rack mount bracket accessory


  • Optical Frontend for Oscilloscopes
  • Testing of advanced optical modulation formats (e.g. QPSK, 16-QAM, …)
  • Reference receiver
  • Testing of Optical Transmitters
  • DWDM transmission experiments for system design tests
  • Coherent detection DSP development
  • Military and Aero R&D


Data Sheet - Coherent Optical Receiver CORX

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