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Introducing the ID OSA Optical Spectrum Analyzer

IDPhotonics IDOSA SideView web res 450wide

This instrument is a versatile Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) based on a coherent detection principle provides picometer class spectral resolution across the C-Band (1528.5 – 1567.5nm) or L-Band (1569.1 - 1609.7nm).

4 Key factors make this instrument an ideal solution for spectral monitoring in R&D and production test applications:

  • Cost Effective - Less than 30% of a traditional OSA

  • Rugged - No Calibration required and no moving Optical Parts

  • Fast - Scans available band at full Resolution in 0.5 seconds

  • Compact - Half Size 1HE 19 Inch Stacking

Two input ports with different sensitivity boost the available power range beyond 90dB allowing accurate analysis of both low power signals as well as high power DWDM bands. The optical input connector plate can be removed by the user allowing to clean the input port connectors effectively. It is controlled via USB or Ethernet interface by a provided Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Windows PCs or by a SCPI command set. Important measurement parameters such as Optical Signal To Noise Ratio (OSNR) or channel power are calculated inside the unit.

Block Diagram

IDOSA BlockDiagram

Key features

  • 312.5MHz/2.5pm Scan Resolution

  • More than 70dB dynamic and 90dB total Range

  • C or L Band Operation

  • 2 Hertz Scan Rate

  • Ultra Compact - 1HE half size 19” rack stacking

  • Rugged - no Calibration required

  • USB and Ethernet Interface

  • Integrated Webserver - Access the unit via any Webbrowser enabled device such as smartphones. No need for Software installation

  • SCPI Style Remote Command Interface - Rapid generation of automated scripts

This screenshot demonstrates the resolution of the unit by a measurement of 2 Laser Lines placed 5GHz apart

ID Photonics IDOSA

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